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How Big is a Pixel?

The Great Resolution Report. A five-part podcast guaranteed to explain everything you ever needed to know about resolution, pixels, downsampling, upsampling, and other pixel puzzles.

This podcast was never continued. But the information is still VERY active.

Part One: How Big is a Pixel? The answer is not as simple as some people want.

Great Resolution Report Part 1

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Interview with the Printer

You’ve read her comments! You’ve seen her posts on the bog! Now you can listen to PJ Cassel, our own in-house printer expert.

In this week’s podcast, PJ Cassel, a real-life, working print shop employee gives us the inside scoop on how things have changed in the printing industry as well as a real-life nightmare of what happens when good jobs go bad.


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Extra! Extra! Hey, look at the headlines! is a very cool web resource for expert information on a wide variety of applications, created by the nicest man in our field, Pariah S. Burke. The concept is brilliant. Instead of running all over the web for application resources, GurusUnleashed is your one-stop shopping. (God I wish I had thought of that.)

From the web site:

About Gurus Unleashed

Collecting thousands of Photoshop, InDesign, InCopy, Illustrator, QuarkXPress, and Acrobat tutorials, tips, tricks, articles, news, and reviews from all over the Web, from the top creative software gurus, and then collating, filtering, and organizing that content, and delivering it directly to you by Web, RSS, e-mail, and even Twitter. All to help you Unleash Your Inner Guru™.

Choose to subscribe by application–Photoshop, InDesign, InCopy, Illustrator, QuarkXPress, and Acrobat–or keep up with the work of your favorite guru, no matter where he or she might publish words of creative wisdom.

And From Design Into Print is featured:

Not to be outdone by relative newcomers Deke and Michael, Sandee Cohen debuted a new blog, podcast, and book all at the same time! All three are entitled From Design Into Print, and are phenominal resources resulting from the Sandee’s two plus decades in print design and production. Visit From Design Into Print, the Website and podcast, and pick up a copy of the book, From Design Into Print: Preparing Graphics and Text for Professional Printing (Peachpit Press, 2009).

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Hey, we’re New and Notable

Look at what I just discovered:

Our podcast is listed as New and Notable on iTunes.


Thanks for the head’s up from my new friend Anthony Rotolo whose Design Guy podcast is FEATURED just below. Check out Anthony’s podcast for an insightful discussion as to what makes good design, the purpose of design, and how to create good design.

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Sending your file to the print shop

Sending your precious file off to the print shop is like sending your child to summer camp. How should you label your file to keep it separate from the others? How can you keep the file size down? And what’s the best way to pack the file for the long trip.

Sending Files

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